Plan Vacation Recovery Time

Hear Ye! Hear Ye! All you moms out there! Listen up!! Let me share a valuable tip I learned the hard way! When you are planning any kind of excursion, getaway, trip, or vacation, be in 3 days or 14 days, always plan for “recovery time!” It needs to be built-in on the back end! Yes, you will be refreshed from time away from the homestead. Yes, you will be happy about not having cooked a single meal for a week. Yes, your kids will have new memories and fun stories to tell their friends and teachers.

However, everyone in the house needs 24 hours to decompress from time away and transition back into daily life. Seems illogical perhaps, didn’t the getaway do just that? However, a family simply being together 24/7 can be a stressor. Space is important. To digest events, to contemplate “next times,” to catch up on laundry or simply to sleep. OR perhaps you were away from the kids for a period of time and the family needs relax time together to share and re-connect. Whatever the circumstances, there is a recovery time that is necessary.

Dad’s have the automatic get-up-and-back-to-work mindset. But they’re just switching from a “family” mindset to a “work” mindset. Not quite so traumatic in my opinion. Besides, what dad takes 7 days vacation and never checks in the office remotely or via email, website, or Skype? Technology Dad is the worst. He checks in at least twice a day.

I have the wisdom not to tell him that should he let them be, they might actually learn to fend for themselves. You and I will share that little secret. But for us moms, we have to unpack the four suitcases, three bags, two carry-ons, do five loads of laundry, clean up the house from the whirlwind it was left in, restock the refrigerator, replace all the daily creature comforts, pull voicemails, sift through the snail mail and pull things together in preparation for a new week. But the kids need time to just BE! Don’t rush them to a dentist checkup or a swim lesson on the first day back. It will not be pretty. Trust me! I’ve been there, done that, got the t-shirt to prove it! Especially not with the toddler OR the teenager – seriously! 24 hours recovery time! Make it happen! You will be so glad you did!

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